The Gorgeous Offerings

Artwork above by Alaina Comeaux

Conceived and directed by Renee Benson

Co-produced by Jennifer Sargent

Supported by New Orleans' Contemporary Arts Center's Inter[SECTOR] Residency

"The Gorgeous Offerings" are a series of rituals, sacred spaces, workshops, and community gatherings created to support healing from the loss and disorientation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Open to all, these events are created to respond to the particular burden of grief held in our community. 

The Offerings are the sister project of the theatrical creation, Requiem for a Stranger. Together, the Offerings and Requiem form a transmedia storytelling project presenting an array of resources across the artists’ year-long Inter[SECTOR] residency at the
Contemporary Arts Center.

Our next Offering:
MARCH 26 & 27, 2022

The Black Ophelia:
A Film Screening & Community Discussion

GorgeousOfferings-300dpi 2.jpg
Mar 26, 2022 from 1-4pm
& Mar 27, 2022 from 1-4pm
at the Contemporary Arts Center
Free Admission/ RSVP required

Photo by Julie Verlinden

Facilitated by Raconteur Alaina Comeaux, join us for two "Grief Mapping workshops," offering ways to understand time and grieving through an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist lens. Admission is free with RSVP.

“Grief Mapping” workshops are participatory events that support healing from loss through guided activities in collage and drawing. Facilitated by Raconteur Alaina Comeaux, participants will create expressive “maps” exploring personal stories of loss. The workshops will have suggested reading and time for sharing and reflection. The workshop on Sunday, March 27 will be specifically devoted to explorations of “Eco-Grief."

About the facilitator:

Alaina Comeaux is an Acadian-Creole-Metis who was born and raised on the banks of the Bayou Teach in New Iberia. They are currently a marsh femme with a swamp attitude based in Bulbancha/ New Orleans. They spend their time doing disaster relief mutual aid, food security, and collaging their feelings while listening to “Neon Moon” on repeat.

More about the Gorgeous Offerings:
Fall 2021-Fall 2022

The Offerings address and respond to the particular burden of grief and loss held in the BIPOC community. This burden includes the devastating impact of Covid-19 compounded by layers of accumulated, embodied stress and disruptions to communal forms of mourning and healing. This project specifically addresses the manifestation of the “Grief Body” within the Black and Indigenous community, and the dearth of adequate, accessible resources for healing on the terms of these communities – especially inside the ongoing crisis of the global Covid-19 pandemic.


These events include:

  • The episodic experimental film The Black Ophelia, accompanied by community dialogue around Black women’s birthright to fragility in mourning

  • Integrative somatic health sessions led by staff from the Center for Mind Body Medicine

  • Workshops in “Grief Mapping” and anti-colonial relationships to the land led by Raconteur Alaina Comeaux.

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